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Quality Tanning Products from Tan Incorporated

Tan Incorporated strives to offer the very best tanning lotions for both bed and sun tanning. This way, whether someone is looking for a bronzer based lotion or one with essential vitamins and amino acids to reduce the sign of aging, Tan Incorporated has something for everyone. 

Tan Inc Brown Sugar Beach Kings

The company sells several products under its "Brown Sugar" label. Each is going to offer something slightly different, ranging from the vitamins to the additional boosters. This way, everyone can find the right lotion for their skin type and tanning preferences. The Beach Kings come with an additional bronzer and is made specifically for men. While women can use the tanning lotion, the masculine scent lends itself for a guy who wants to smell great while out on the beach and not of the inferior sunscreen lotion that often has an undesirable smell.

The Beach Kings come with advanced skin conditioning featuring a coocnut milk based. It also is great for skin with tattoos as the lotion not only protects the ink but also helps make it look wet and pop out. This way, the tattoos look new and fresh (for anyone with a brand new tattoo, it is important to discuss sun exposure with the tattoo artist as they might recommend avoiding direct sunlight on the fresh ink for a short period of time to avoid fading). 

Tan Inc Brown Sugar Diamond Princess

For the princess who wants to look good and smell good at the same time, this is a great tanner that is really going to bring out the natural beauty. It is a two in one product as it acts both as a tanner and as a shimmer. The shimmer adds a bit of sparkle to the lotion, so the skin seems to dazzle and sparkle in the sunlight. It also features bronzer so the skin instantly looks better than what it did before the application. 

Tan Incorporated Black Summer

Black Summer is designed to offer up the darkest, longest lasting tan possible. It comes with a bronzer element, as is the case with most Tan Inc products. It also comes with a blend of Biotanning and silicone extracts. This way, it help fills in the fine lines and improve the overall natural beauty of the wearer. So, no matter the skin type or the desired skin tone, Black Summer is able to help improve the overall look. It is designed for both men and women in mind as the scent used is neutral, making it great for anyone who is ready to hit the beach or is signing up for their next indoor tanning bed session.