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Shop For Discount Tanning Lotions


Shop for Discount Tanning Lotions

Often times the most expensive aspect of indoor tanning is the lotion. Signing up for a tanning package at the local tanning salon is one thing, but when checking out the lotions sold inside of the salon, these products can sometimes reach or even exceed $100 a pop. For anyone who just doesn't want to spend that kind of money on a lotion or who just wants to find a quality deal, discount tanning lotions are available through Half Price Lotion. With a selection of the top brands out there and a wide variety of bronzers, shimmer lotions, post-tanning moisturizers and others, there is something for everyone. 

Australian Gold

When it comes to a beautiful tan and saving money, Australian Gold is one of the top options out there. These lotions are generally less expensive than what the other brands offer, and while many of the other brands feature additional vitamin and mineral extracts inside of the lotions, Australian Gold is great for accelerating tans, both indoor and outdoor. The company also sells sunscreen that can improve the skin tone as well. This way, there really is something for everyone through the company. 

Celebrity Brands

For anyone who wants to have the same summer glow as their favorite celebrities, there are different tanning options out there their celebs not only use but have lent their names to. Kardashian Glow is the official tanning lotion of the Kardashians. There are a few different lotion options available, many of which offer altering strengths of bronzer. The Kardashian Glow Dark Bronzer is an excellent option for anyone who loves the bronzer look and how it ads the extra pop of color to their skin. For Jersey Shore fans, the JWOWW line of tanning lotions is a must. There are bronzer options and some that come with a tingling, cooling agent, so the skin doesn't feel hot when out in the sun. Instead, it has a comfortable and sensational tingle that really brings out the feeling of the sun. 

Organic Infused Products

Hempz is a top of the line tanning and beauty company with all of the products featuring an injection of hemp. The natural vitamins and minerals from hemp offer exceptional benefits for the skin. Whether it is a bronzing tanning lotion, an age defying moisturizer, body butter or a body scrub, the hemp oils and fatty acids not only moisturizer the skin but bring out the true natural beauty of the user's skin tone. Post tanning products are especially important in regards to maintaining and extending the life of a tan. Nobody wants to go to the tanning salon four times a week when they only need to go once or twice. The moisturizing lotions from Hempz can help with this.