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Caribbean Gold: Tanning Lotion For Indoor And Outdoor

Maintaining a beautiful glow throughout the year doesn't need to be a challenge. It just might take a bit of assistance. You need proper moisturizing with tanning lotion that helps draw out the natural skin color of any individual is so important, and it is where Caribbean Gold shines. With several different lotion types, it is possible for everyone to find the perfect lotion that is right for them, gives them a long lasting tan and works both by the pool and in a tanning bed. 

One of the most popular products from Caribbean Gold is Caribbean Gold Crazy Love. This Caribbean Gold tanning lotion takes advantage of a bronzer, which helps add a hint of beautiful bronze color that brings out an even, darker color to anyone wearing it. It also uses Shea butter, which helps lock in moisture both during and after tanning. This way, the skin not only looks beautiful but it stays moist, preventing peeling and dry skin which is death to any great tan. Plus, the infused vitamins inside of the lotion improves the skin's appearance all year long. 

Caribbean Gold Glammin is another fantastic option for both indoor and outdoor tanning. It takes advantage of a bronzing agent to instantly improve the skin tone of the user. it also utilizes hemp, which is a fantastic hydration agent. Hemp is one of the best plant based items out there that can boost a natural glow and soften the skin. 

Not everyone wants to use a bronzer agent. For those who want to avoid a bronzer, the Caribbean Gold Guilt Trip is the way to go. This uses a combination of botanical extracts to provide an anti-aging and firming blend. With this, the skin around the eyes, cheeks and neck become firmer and actually reduce the appearance of wrinkles. On top of this, the lotion provides a cooling effect, helping tanners cool off while hanging out in the hot sun.