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Australian Gold Tanning Lotions For Fast, Dark Tanning Results

Australian Gold provides inexpensive tanning options for both indoor and outdoor tanning. From lotions to sprays, there is something for everyone and at a price they can afford. Depending on what someone is looking for and what kind of ingredients they want in their tanning lotion, Australian Gold has it all. 

Australian Gold tanning lotion is one of the best indoor tanning lotions and largest brands of tanning lotions worldwide. They offer an awesome line of SPF products that are sold all over the United States, Europe, and Canada. In 1985, the Australian Gold lotion brand was established and is now sold all over the world in over 50 differnet countries. The brand was founded on the fun in the sun lifestyle and that's where they got the mascot "Sydney" the koala bear who is universally recognized. Australian Gold offers a ton of products that fit all lifestyles, budget and personal taste!

Australian Gold Accelerator is one of the most popular products. It comes in both lotion and spray for and it is used to not only protect against the effects of UV exposure but also improve tanning capabilities. This is a nice tanning product that is not oily and yet does not include any additional bronzer for those who wish to stay clear of such an ingredient. 

Australian Gold Australian Sun is a lotion that comes with bronzer to boost the dark appearance by aiding the natural skin tone. It features a bronzing extract and a DHA bronzing complex that delivers immediate results which are also long lasting. The lotion includes a blue cypress oil, not to mention Vitamin A and E. This way, the skin stays hydrated and it also stays moist. All of this is a great opportunity for someone who is looking to boost their skin appearance and obtain that nice, dark tan. 

The Australian Gold Black Dawn is one of the newest items in the Australian Gold lineup. It uses a black bronzer that delivers an instant bronzer color that lasts several days and it does not fade. it also seals in moisture to prevent skin from drying out either in the booth or by the pool. Plus, it includes aloe and sea kelp to ensure the skin remains in excellent condition. The sea kelp and aloe also help boost skin elasticity at the same time. So, for anyone who is looking for a nice, dark tan and also wants to improve the health of their skin, Australian Gold Black Dawn is the way to go.